Child Support


Like other states, Georgia has child support guidelines, which are complex and sometimes difficult to navigate without sound legal advice. For example, the income sharing approach used in Georgia "maxes out" when the parties' combined monthly income exceeds $30,000.00.

The Need for Georgia High-Income Deviation

Income for purposes of calculating child support can come from various sources. Salaries, commissions, bonuses, interest and dividends, and trust and pension income are factored into child support payments.

Tuition for private school and related summer camps or programs is common for the clients who retain our attorneys. In addition, our attorneys have experience with cases that involve special needs children, which require expertise.

It is not uncommon that in the high-asset divorces we handle, there are allegations involving spouses hiding income. They may be self-employed or own a closely held business entity. They may use creative accounting methods to hide their income or pay personal expenses with business revenues. We often team with forensic specialists in such cases to obtain and determine the most accurate information before attempting to resolve the case.

The attorneys at Stern Edlin Graham Family Law, P.C. have many years of experience navigating through such complexities of high-asset/high-income divorces, which is why our peers often refer such cases to us.

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