Property Division


In high-asset divorces, property division often becomes a greatly contested issue.

On behalf of their clients, the attorneys navigate through the complexities of property division, which can sometimes include multistate and international real estate, trust funds, stock options, pensions, benefits plans and multifaceted compensation packages.

The legal team at Stern Edlin Graham Family Law, P.C. has earned a reputation as master negotiators and effective closers in working out property division agreements on behalf of its clients. Prior to any negotiations, they attend to every detail in identifying marital property and non-marital property.

While legal experience and being savvy is vital in protecting assets, the attorneys often partner with forensic accountants, financial analysts, business valuation specialists and other experts. Their expertise and testimony help identify the value of the property and whether it is marital or separate. Their detail-driven approach can also uncover assets hidden and shielded from property division.

Simply stated, the attorneys at Stern Edlin Graham Family Law, P.C. protect clients' rights, assets and futures.

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