Preservation of Separate Estates


Wealthy Georgia residents retain the attorneys at Stern Edlin Graham Family Law, P.C. to protect what they believe is rightfully their separate property. Since the inception of the firm, the legal team has earned a reputation for dedicated legal advocacy representing clients in complex divorces. Significant assets are often on the line. Determining separate property presents challenges that the attorneys have overcome successfully in the past.

Diligent and Tenacious Georgia Separate Property Attorneys

Generally, separate property is classified as property:

  • Owned at the time of marriage
  • Inherited before or during the marriage
  • Gifted to one party during the marriage

At Stern Edlin Graham Family Law, P.C., the attorneys are experienced in dealing with complex issues pertaining to separate estates, including commingled assets. Teaming with financial analysts and forensic accountants helps the firm's lawyers trace the origin and overall life of any and all assets a client claims to be from his or her separate estate. Business owners sometimes face significant challenges protecting their share of a family business.

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