Enforcement of Court Orders


The diligence and dedication that goes into a divorce decree does not always lead to spouses abiding by the legal document. Often, more aggressive legal action is required to ensure adherence.

Even the wealthiest of Georgia residents are not above failing to pay timely child support and alimony.

At Stern Edlin Graham Family Law, P.C., the firm's attorneys face the challenges on behalf of their clients in pursuing complete compliance with the following types of post-divorce issues:

Legal options exist in response to violations of settlement agreements and court orders. Enforcing divorce decrees can take the form of a contempt of court order, putting the non-paying spouse at risk of jail time. Garnishment of wages from Income Deduction Orders and liens against property send a strong message and put the onus on an ex-spouse to comply.

The lawyers at Stern Edlin Graham Family Law, P.C. encourage their clients to act quickly in taking this type of legal action. They respond with an equally proactive approach in enforcement of divorce agreements and orders.

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